Doblet v1.5 Ecosystem Support & USB Debugging

Who: Doblet
When: 4/2017-8/2017
Where: San Francisco, CA
Languages: C

Phillip supported Doblet in various capacities as they were developing the ecosystem for their v1.5 charger:

  • Migration of source code back to git, as releases were typically archived in zip-file drops and in Particle's online IDE
  • Architecting a new communication protocol for gathering data from Doblet chargers and passing that the Particle cloud
  • Rewriting firmware for more robust communication & simpler control flow
  • Debugging long-standing USB issues for USB-C and USB-micro devices
  • Debugged issues with charging stand electrical hardware and firmware
  • Assisted in chip selection and hardware refresh of the Doblet charger
  • Write drivers for new components

The following articles were published as a result of our learnings on this project: