Crazyflie: ESB Broadcasting Protocol

Who: RavenOps
When: 6/17-9/17
Where: San Francisco, CA
Languages: C

RavenOps was initially using the Crazyflie2 platform for demo projects. The Crazyflie platform natively supports 1:1 communications between a drone and a base station, and RavenOps needed to enable drones to broadcast information to other drones in the vicinity, as well as for a base station to broadcast commands to the entire drone fleet.

Our support included:

  • Modifying the ESB layer to support sending and receiving broadcast commands
  • Adopting CrazySwarm code for a host controller
  • Writing a logging library to buffer log messages to dump at a later time for debugging
  • Investigate solutions for BLE/ESB coexistence problems

The broadcasting software was used in early RavenOps investor demos.