Snapdragon Flight Driver Development

Who: RavenOps
When: 1/18-3/18
Where: San Francisco, CA
Languages: C, C++

RavenOps transitioned from the Crazyflie2 to the Snapdragon Flight platform. We assisted with the transition in the following ways:

  • Researching the platform and identifying an approach for writing custom device drivers for hardware components which integrate with the DSP
  • Writing a proof-of-concept driver and test application using a Snapdragon driver framework
  • Porting RavenOps's Time-of-Flight driver from the Crazyflie2 to the Snapdragon flight
  • Writing a demo application which demonstrates use of the driver
  • Documenting development environment setup and assisting with development environment setup
  • Documenting the driver framework and demonstration project, with notes on how to expand APIs and add drivers

The following articles were published as a result of our learnings on this project: