Manufacturing Test Firmware

Who: Inboard Technology
When: August 2018

Inboard contacted us to quickly create manufacturing test firmware for their new hardware platform. The engineer who wrote the original manufacturing test firmware had left the company, and the tests needed to be updated and expanded to support the new platform.

We ported existing tests to the new firmware platform and updated them to match the recent APIs. We also implemented additional tests for new hardware features. Along the way, we helped Inboard resolve hundreds of compiler warnings and a handful of customer-facing bugs.

After completing the manufacturing test firmware, we updated the factory test station sequence.

We provided overview documentation describing the logic behind each manufacturing test and instructions for updating and modifying the tests. We also created summary documentation describing the full manufacturing test flow, including the Windows application.

The project was completed in three weeks, enabling Inboard to begin testing their prototypes without delay.


Dan Casciato, Manufacturing & Test Engineer at Inboard Technology, had this to say:

It's simple: Embedded Artistry is very easy to do business with. Their deep industry knowledge and expertise makes them the ideal partner for any embedded project, no matter the size. Really, they're the best.