AWS IoT Migration

Who: Petzila
When: 5/2017-8/2017
Where: San Francisco, CA
Languages: C

When we first met Petzi, they were developing their second generation treat camera. We assisted with new product development in the following ways:

  • Ported existing platform from MC200 to MW300
  • Migrated to new SDK
  • Bring-up and debugging of new hardware design
  • Added support for AWS IoT infrastructure
  • Upgraded authentication and server interactions to work with new AWS-based backend
  • Implemented and validated new OTA logic, with fallback support for the old server environment
  • Resolved issues with on-boarding and provisioning flow
  • Tuned firmware settings for new hardware

The following article was published as a result of our learnings on this project:

Rylo Camera

Who: Rylo
When: 9/2016-4/2017
Where: San Francisco, CA
Languages: C++, CMake, Groovy, Jenkins Pipeline

We supported Rylo's first product development effort with the following services:

  • Schematic review
  • Build system & build server setup
  • Creation of product development roadmap & schedule
  • Creation of manufacturing test plan
  • Managed multiple external vendors
  • Build support in China
  • Bring-up of manufacturing test firmware
  • Bring-up of customer camera firmware behavior


Who: Pearl Automation
When: 2014-2016
Where: Scotts Valley, CA
Languages: C, C++, ARM assembly, Thrift, Python

Pearl's RearVision consists of two separate embedded devices - the camera system, mounted on the car's license plate, as well as an in-car OBD-II powered system.

Phillip was an early hire at Pearl - #12, hired right after series A closed. He was the primary developer for the camera system.

In the early stages of the company, Phillip performed initial bringup of the system and was responsible for:

  • SOC Bringup
  • RTOS Selection
  • Setting up the build system
  • Porting initial software from gcc to clang
  • Software / source tree architecture
  • Implementing the DFU framework to flash devices
  • Creating a USB CDC shell and defining commands for various drivers
  • Driver bringup for multiple devices
    • SPI
    • SPI-NOR
    • Solar IC
    • GasGauge
    • USB
    • EHCI (ported u-boot EHCI stack to our system)
    • Cameras
  • Defining factory test methods and processes

After the bringup stage, focus shifted to firmware support for the camera sub-system. Responsibilities included:

  • Implementing low-level C++ functionality in the RearVision frame firmware
  • Converting early libraries and drivers to C++
  • Conversion of C-based USB Host stack to C++
  • Ported vendor host-side Camera USB/UVC APIs from Linux to an RTOS
  • Managed interfaces for client software to initiate and configure video streams.
  • Worked closely with our ISP vendor to:
    • Identify and prioritize requirements and issues
    • Assist in debugging ISP, video, and memory issues
    • Optimize ISP pipeline performance to reduce latency and improve quality over BT/Wifi
  • Optimized video system memory usage
    • Created a buffer pool class to re-use large buffers in camera path
    • Eliminated all copies from USB->Camera path when getting new frames.
    • Converting malloc()/free() calls to use smart pointers
    • Debugging memory stompers

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