We offer a variety of services related to our expertise in
embedded systems, product development, and manufacturing.



Give your team the blueprint they deserve.

We can work with you to create and document your product's system & software architecture.

Having a plan in place enables your team to move faster, solve risky problems early, identify parallel development paths, and quickly onboard new developers.

New Product Bring-up

Provide your team with a stable foundation.

Experienced embedded developers are hard to find. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to create the software foundation for your custom hardware.

We can bring up your new hardware for the first time, debug design issues, and write drivers for your components. 

Product Development Strategy

Prevent schedule delays.

Taking a product from an idea and putting it into the hands of customers is a daunting task requiring many complex and coordinated efforts.

With our experience shipping 20+ products, we can create a plan that will turn your idea into a reality.


Development Process Improvements

Give your developers tools to build superior software.

Many teams skip important processes like static analysis, continuous testing, code reviews, and complexity analysis.

We can help your team automate development processes that will catch errors early, improve software quality, and keep schedules on track.

Manufacturing Strategy

Skip the pain with smart manufacturing

Many new hardware teams head straight to China without realizing the impact on their schedule, development costs, travel costs, and employee morale.

We can develop a specialized manufacturing plan that relies on local resources and enables your team to iterate quickly on product revisions.

Manufacturing & Test Plans

Nobody wants to receive bad hardware.

By developing solid manufacturing and test plans, you can ensure that only the highest quality hardware makes it into the hands of your customers.

We've supported 100+ manufacturing builds and developed manufacturing plans for numerous hardware products.


Power & Memory Optimization

Take your product the extra mile.

Even in today's world, computational resources are scarce.

We can reduce your product's power consumption and find ways to free up memory for that new software feature.


Don't get stuck on a tricky problem.

We've seen countless mechanical, electrical, and software problems while shipping 20+ products and supporting 100+ manufacturing builds.

We can provide a fresh and methodical approach to solving the issues that are preventing your team from shipping.

Firmware Development

Bare-metal is our specialty.

We write firmware in C & C++ for ARM, AVR, PIC, i8085, and TI MSP architectures. We've worked with multiple RTOSes, and we support ARM-based Embedded Linux systems.

Whether it's a device driver, new software feature, or a full firmware application, Embedded Artistry can help. 


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