Hardware product development can be agile and on schedule.
Yet, hardware companies repeatedly make strategic errors that create delays.

Our services are for the rare team who is ready to try a better way.


System & Software Architecture

Tired of wandering around in the dark? Give your team the blueprint they deserve.

We work with your team to explore how your product brings value to your customers and to document your product’s requirements. We also collaborate with your team to iteratively design your system and software architecture based on the value your product provides.

Having a blueprint for your product enables your team to move faster, solve risky problems early, identify parallel development paths, and quickly onboard new team members.

Product Development & Manufacturing Strategy

Prevent schedule delays. Build hardware and embedded software in an Agile manner. Skip the pain with smart manufacturing.

Taking a product from an idea and putting it into the hands of customers is a daunting task requiring many complex and coordinated efforts. Additionally, heading to China too soon can impact your schedule, development costs, travel costs, and employee morale.

With our experience shipping 20+ products and supporting 100+ manufacturing builds, we can create a plan that will turn your idea into a reality. Your company will be able to rely on local resources and to iterate quickly on product revisions.

Software Development Process upgrade

Give your team the process and the tools needed to build superior software.

We collaborate with your team to create and document a modern and agile software development process. We also provide build server and tooling setup to automate the development process. By upgrading your software development strategy, you ensure that your team will catch errors early, improve software quality, and keep schedules on track.

HarDware & Firmware Team Building

Reduce your hiring timelines and upgrade your recruiting and interview processes.

Hiring experienced hardware and firmware engineers is a difficult task. Many of our clients report a typical timeline of 3-6 months to fill an embedded role. Even worse, many recruiters struggle to source quality candidates due to a lack of hardware industry experience.

Given the difficulty, it’s important to make sure that you’re planning for the optimal team composition and using the best possible interviewing strategy. We explore your current and future product needs, identify the roles and responsibilities for your target team, and create a hiring plan. We also provide hiring guides for each role, including a sample job description, qualification standards, resume keywords, and a targeted interview question bank.

With our network of embedded engineers, we can help you fill hardware and firmware roles. We offer a flat recruiting fee per role with a 6-month money back guarantee. Since we’re embedded experts, your team will only see the highest quality candidates.


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